season 1

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

Horse Hound
S1 E13 - Horse Hound
A Dalmatian is a threat to a new baby, a beagle can't stop running, a retriever chases horses and a Lab bolts for open doors.
09.14.04 | 46m
Battle of the Boyfriends
S1 E12 - Battle of the Boyfriends
Cesar meets Daisy Fuentes and her aggressive English bulldog, a chronic barker, and a beagle afraid of a water hose.
09.14.04 | 46m
The Husband-Hater
S1 E11 - The Husband-Hater
A stray bites, a beagle barks, a German shepherd dislikes its owner, and actress Jacklyn Zeman's dog won't heel.
09.14.04 | 46m
Worst in Show
S1 E10 - Worst in Show
Cesar may need a padded suit to train a champion Dobie and a far from cuddly Lab, a biting Westie and a harassing pit bull.
09.14.04 | 46m
Petrified Pitbull
S1 E9 - Petrified Pitbull
Jake is too protective, child actress Chantel wants to walk a dog bigger than she is, and a pit bull is a scaredy-cat.
09.14.04 | 46m
Shepherd Smackdown
S1 E8 - Shepherd Smackdown
An overly protective German shepherd, a couch potato Lhasa Apso, a jealous Yorkie, and a spoiled Dalmatian are on tap.
09.14.04 | 46m
Raging Rottie!
S1 E6 - Raging Rottie!
Ava chases her tail, Gus throws around his 100-pound body, Churchill is a monster, and Maya is wrapped up in household operations.
09.14.04 | 46m
Last Chance
S1 E5 - Last Chance
A retriever won't get out of the pool, a Maltese-poodle refuses grooming, a Shih Tzu hates leashes, and a boxer bites a neighbor.
09.14.04 | 46m
Snack Attack
S1 E4 - Snack Attack
Meet Ruby, who bites out of fear, and Rana, who deals with her problems by eating. Can Cesar help these dogs and their neuroses? The Dog Whisperer also helps Slick and Pepper, who may need a little rescuing themselves.
09.14.04 | 46m
Psycho Flirt
S1 E3 - Psycho Flirt
A frightening black Lab, a neurotic Chinese Crested, a tail-chasing German shepherd, and a spoiled puppy are Cesar's challenges.
09.14.04 | 46m
Demon Chihuahua
S1 E2 - Demon Chihuahua
Dogs with strange obsessions -- from shadows and shiny surfaces to anything with wheels -- are Cesar's challenges tonight. Cesar must teach the dogs and their owners how to cure these anxious behaviors.
09.14.04 | 46m