season 2

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

Power of the Pack
S2 E19 - Power of the Pack
Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles is both home and refuge to nearly 50 dogs, boasting canines from celebrity clients to those deemed "unfixable."
08.01.06 | 46m
The Incredible Hulk
S2 E18 - The Incredible Hulk
Winston may look sweet but when he is taken on walks he attacks his leash, plants and fellow Yorkie, Oliver. Then, Cesar meets Bikini, a Championship bull terrier that has a dangerous habit of attacking bigger dogs.
07.31.06 | 46m
The Other Woman
S2 E17 - The Other Woman
Ray and Linda Forman adopted Sugar, a beagle that has proved to be anything but sweet, chewing on anything and pulling things off tables.
07.30.06 | 46m
Smashin' Punkin
S2 E16 - Smashin' Punkin
The vet suggests min pin siblings, Vicky and Taz, be put down. Punkin, a pit bull mix, attacks other dogs. White terrier mix, Maddy, is terrified of men.
05.05.06 | 46m
Pups On Parole
S2 E15 - Pups On Parole
Formerly friendly bulldogs, Eton and Dolly, now have become violent. Cesar shares his successful rehabilitation strategies.
04.28.06 | 46m
Project Runaway!
S2 E14 - Project Runaway!
Akita-mix, Hoss, and Greta, his mother, are violent around other dogs. Newfoundland, Storm refuses to eat. Shiba Inu, Chula bolts out the front door.
04.21.06 | 46m
Boogie-Boarding Beagle
S2 E13 - Boogie-Boarding Beagle
Aggression; protectiveness; sniffing.
04.07.06 | 46m
Hurricane Hounds Pt. 2
S2 E12 - Hurricane Hounds Pt. 2
Cesar meets a Beagle with a passion for Boogie boarding and a Lab mix that became alarmingly aggressive after moving to a new area.
04.07.06 | 46m
LA Laker Meltdown
S2 E11 - LA Laker Meltdown
Laker dog.
03.31.06 | 46m
Expecting Trouble
S2 E10 - Expecting Trouble
Pasha, a chocolate lab, hates joggers and children. Can Cosmo's owners trust their chow around a new baby? Contessa goes crazy over dogs on TV.
03.24.06 | 46m
Spike in the Heart
S2 E9 - Spike in the Heart
Wendell, a lab-pit bull mix, has landed his owner in court. Spike, a German shepherd, is destructive. Jake, a Sheltie, bit his companion, Nugget.
03.17.06 | 46m
Wild Things
S2 E8 - Wild Things
Chip, a mini-pinscher, is a viscous biter; Bond girl, Denise Richards, learns how to be "Pack Leader"; Cesar's dogs teach Leo, a basset hound, a lesson.
03.10.06 | 46m
The Evil Queen
S2 E7 - The Evil Queen
The terrible twos hit Chip with a vengeance. This Min Pin turned ferocious, biting and even drawing blood from his owner's family. Thankfully, Cesar comes to the rescue. Then Denise Richards' pug gets a little over protective and aggressive towards visitors. Can Cesar help Denise avoid a costly, pug-induced lawsuit? Plus, a stubborn Bassett Hound has to literally be dragged places he doesn't want to go. Watch Cesar as he shows all the owners how to be the pack leader their pets need them to be.
02.17.06 | 46m
Naughty Rotties
S2 E6 - Naughty Rotties
Rottweiler puppies, Roxy and Tiger, menace their owners; Corgi-Papillion mix, Buddy, bites his owners daily; and city life terrifies Booker, a Vizsla.
02.10.06 | 46m
Hurricane Hounds Pt. 1
S2 E5 - Hurricane Hounds Pt. 1
It was 'hate at first sight' for Isis and Tina. A Great Dane mix, Nugget, has a deadly eating disorder. Cesar aids stranded dogs after Hurricane Katrina.
02.03.06 | 46m
Doggie Jekyll & Hyde
S2 E4 - Doggie Jekyll & Hyde
JonBee, a Korean Jindo, is an attack dog at home.Hudson, a Great Dane, has taken over the house.Cesar plays matchmaker for Buford,a boxer.
01.27.06 | 46m
Devil Dog
S2 E3 - Devil Dog
Buddy, a pit bull mix, hunts small animals; Teddy, a poodle, chases cars like a Tasmanian devil; Matilda, an English bulldog, attacks skateboards.
01.20.06 | 46m
Pig vs. Pug
S2 E2 - Pig vs. Pug
Buddy, a pit bull mix, hunts small animals; Teddy, a poodle, chases cars like a Tasmanian devil; Matilda, an English bulldog, attacks skateboards.
01.13.06 | 45m
Raging Bandit
S2 E1 - Raging Bandit
Brady, a yellow lab, refuses to get out of the pool; Bandit, a Chihuahua, is possessive of Lori; and Hootie, an Australian shepherd, is terrified of kids.
01.06.06 | 45m