season 4

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

The Paper Hoarder
S4 E34 - The Paper Hoarder
Cesar works with a red zone aggressive English bulldog and a cocker spaniel with a paper fetish.
10.24.08 | 46m
Hail Chihuahua
S4 E33 - Hail Chihuahua
Lance and Kim Mehegan's four year old Chihuahua mix, Amalie, terrorizes eight year old mastiff Harley and dominates the rest of the house. Then, Bam Bam a red nosed pit bull has yet to outgrow his puppy behavior.
10.17.08 | 46m
Curbed by Cars
S4 E32 - Curbed by Cars
Cesar is reunited with more than 100 dogs he has helped.
10.10.08 | 46m
Turf Wars
S4 E31 - Turf Wars
Cesar is reunited with more than 100 dogs he has helped.
10.03.08 | 46m
100th Episode Celebration
S4 E30 - 100th Episode Celebration
Cesar is reunited with more than 100 dogs he has helped.
09.19.08 | 46m
Canine 9-1-1 Pt. 2
S4 E29 - Canine 9-1-1 Pt. 2
Cesar works to curb the bad behaviors of four problem dogs who won sessions at the PETCO auditions.
09.12.08 | 46m
Dueling Pit Bulls
S4 E28 - Dueling Pit Bulls
When Cesar takes on two pit bulls that are at each other's throats, the result is truly remarkable.
09.05.08 | 46m
Tale of Two Cesars
S4 E27 - Tale of Two Cesars
Cesar helps a widow bring harmony back to her life and a family struggling with an angry dog.
08.29.08 | 46m
Canine 9-1-1 Pt. 1
S4 E26 - Canine 9-1-1 Pt. 1
Cesar helps two troubled canines, one of which was a day away from being euthanized.
08.01.08 | 46m
My Life on the Dog List
S4 E25 - My Life on the Dog List
Actress and comedienne Kathy Griffin owns two temperamental rescue dogs that star alongside her in the Bravo series "My Life on the D List."
07.25.08 | 46m
Fear of Dogs
S4 E24 - Fear of Dogs
Ernesto Robles' four children have been hounding him to get a dog. The problem is Ernesto has been afraid of dogs since he was attacked by a dog as a kid.
07.18.08 | 46m
The Escape Artist
S4 E23 - The Escape Artist
Dana Huckle's Australian shepherd/pit bull mix has a severe aggression problem toward everyone but Dana's husband.
06.20.08 | 46m
Collie Crisis
S4 E22 - Collie Crisis
Brian and Patricia Carney's border collie Mateo is overly protective of Patricia, nipping at anyone who comes near her.
06.13.08 | 46m
Bad Hair Day
S4 E21 - Bad Hair Day
A pet groomer needs Cesar's help with handling some difficult clients.
06.06.08 | 46m
Whipped & Wild
S4 E20 - Whipped & Wild
Kim Critchfield named her ridgeback/boxer mix "Chipper" b/c of her high energy personality.
05.30.08 | 46m
Rescue Rufus
S4 E19 - Rescue Rufus
Partners Sherry Steele and Lee Burkhart moved into their Seattle home and found an abused pit bull in the backyard.
05.23.08 | 45m
Fear the Trash Can
S4 E18 - Fear the Trash Can
Dan and Mary's bulldog, Buster, is so aggressive they can't bathe her, administer eye drops or clean her face without fear of attack.
04.18.08 | 46m
Blind Rage
S4 E17 - Blind Rage
Cesar Millan attempts to curb the anti-social behavior and end the food-driven tantrums of Sasha, a German Shepherd/ Corgi.
04.11.08 | 45m
Dark Shadow
S4 E16 - Dark Shadow
The Ament family found the perfect dog: good with people, friendly with dogs and gentle with kids. Unfortunately, Shadow, wasn't quite what they expected.
04.04.08 | 46m
Lives Changed
S4 E15 - Lives Changed
Cesar gets to revisit some of his toughest cases and see how being on the show changed the dogs...and the lives of the owners.
03.30.08 | 46m
Lawnmower Love
S4 E14 - Lawnmower Love
A Shiba Inu named Marley needs help with aggression, and a wire fox terrier hunts an unlikely prey: the riding lawnmower.
03.28.08 | 46m
Holy Terror
S4 E13 - Holy Terror
Cesar helps a Wicked star with her Yorkshire and an aggressive guard dog at Holy Redeemer College.
03.21.08 | 46m
Big Biters
S4 E12 - Big Biters
When Peter Spano rescued a dog named Curley, he thought owning a dog would be walk in Central Park. But on their first day Curley got into a dogfight.
03.14.08 | 45m
Spoiled Rotten
S4 E11 - Spoiled Rotten
A Yorkshire terrier has recently lost his vision and has become aggressive; a Pekingese/miniature poodle is being indulged by her owner.
01.18.08 | 46m
Beagle Mania
S4 E10 - Beagle Mania
A 6-year-old beagle has a severe aggression problem.
01.11.08 | 46m
Scared Straight
S4 E9 - Scared Straight
When Edie and Neal Adler rescued a German shepherd named Troy, he seemed sweet tempered. But Troy soon showed another side.
01.04.08 | 46m
Shell Shocked
S4 E8 - Shell Shocked
A decorated, explosive-sniffing Labrador retriever for the ATF starts exhibiting severe symptoms of terror after a 45-day stint in Iraq and two hurricanes.
12.23.07 | 46m
Triple Dog Trouble
S4 E7 - Triple Dog Trouble
Cesar Millan meets a widow who has found herself alone with a combative pack of dogs after her husband died last year.
12.14.07 | 46m
Home Alone
S4 E6 - Home Alone
Legendary Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon rescued a wheaten terrier named Gus. He can be sweet and cuddly around Ed's family, but not to Ed's guests!
11.26.07 | 46m
Great Pains
S4 E5 - Great Pains
Cesar tries to broker peace between two Great Danes.
11.02.07 | 46m
Cat Worshipper
S4 E4 - Cat Worshipper
Willie, a Jack Russell terrier, can't handle the death of his pack leader, Jake, the family cat.
10.19.07 | 46m
Pooch Potato
S4 E3 - Pooch Potato
A feral dog named Reggie likes to guard pregnant horses on a ranch near Phoenix, Arizona. Next, an interior designer has a dog pack that clashes.
10.12.07 | 46m
The Dog Squad
S4 E2 - The Dog Squad
A Lab mix has an extreme fear of dog parks, walks and noises. Her music-instructor owner would love to take his beloved dog to rehearsals, but can't.
10.05.07 | 46m
Year of the Dog
S4 E1 - Year of the Dog
A 2-year-old miniature Pinscher has to be locked up in the garage when visitors come over because she constantly barks at them until they leave.
09.21.07 | 46m