season 5

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

Healing the Hoarded
S5 E23 - Healing the Hoarded
In a household with two Great Danes, one behaves perfectly, while the other has aggressive tendencies and has bitten its owner; a shepherd mix that was rescued from a hoarding situation along with 56 other dogs is still skittish and fearful.
10.02.09 | 46m
Mastiff Mayhem
S5 E22 - Mastiff Mayhem
A Welsh Sealyham terrier has taken his owner's place as pack leader; an English mastiff arouses fear in guests; a Tibetan terrier refuses to walk gently.
09.25.09 | 46m
Heavy Metal Miles
S5 E21 - Heavy Metal Miles
Former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum's tenacious 10-month-old French bulldog Miles goes crazy at the sight of another dog.
09.18.09 | 46m
Mad Dogs
S5 E20 - Mad Dogs
Cesar visits an advertising agency that allows dogs at work and meets three pets that aren't getting along with the others; a couple loads their two dogs into their truck to take them to the trail for walks, but one of them can't enjoy the ride.
09.11.09 | 46m
Revved-Up Harley
S5 E19 - Revved-Up Harley
A Weimaraner has had surgery twice because of his undiscriminating eating habits; a yellow Lab digs, runs, jumps, humps, and never is still; an Australian shepherd's whiny, shrieking demeanor brings out the worst in every dog she's introduced to.
08.14.09 | 46m
Run Home Roscoe!
S5 E18 - Run Home Roscoe!
Roscoe refuses to go outside the family's property and has several fear issues. Can Cesar teach Roscoe to overcome his fears and go on a walk?
08.07.09 | 46m
Saving Ryan
S5 E17 - Saving Ryan
A couple are at a loss to end their pug's fighting, a terrier attacks it's owner's son at the ankles and a five-legged dog is out of control.
07.31.09 | 46m
Afraid of the Bark
S5 E16 - Afraid of the Bark
Suzie fears she has hit a wall with her Doberman, who is afraid of noise. She needs Cesar's expertise to bring this dodging dog back to being a real pup.
07.24.09 | 46m
Inside Puppy Mills
S5 E15 - Inside Puppy Mills
Every year, millions of dogs are mass-bred and sold to pet stores. Cesar works to rescue caged pups with the animal rights group Last Chance for Animals.
05.08.09 | 46m
Have Dog...Will Travel
S5 E14 - Have Dog...Will Travel
Lauren reaches out to Cesar for help with three of her most difficult cases: a hyperactive Great Dane, a boxer who devours hair dryers and an Aussie mix.
05.01.09 | 46m
Bulldog on the Edge
S5 E13 - Bulldog on the Edge
The host tackles a serious case, a 4-year-old bulldog that has endured neglect and abuse since her puppy days as her owner pursued a life of hard partying; the owner has cleaned up, but the dog now is so aggressive she must be trained at a shelter.
04.24.09 | 46m
Bad Blood
S5 E12 - Bad Blood
A pit bull that can open an ice chest and retrieve a drink for its owner scores big on intelligence but fails at social skills; a dachshund mix turns hostile at mealtime and when his nails need trimming, having bitten his owners in the past.
04.17.09 | 46m
A Member of the Family
S5 E11 - A Member of the Family
Old and new cases show the process for adopting a dog, setting rules and dealing with loss of a pet.
04.10.09 | 46m
Cesar and the Horse Whisperer
S5 E10 - Cesar and the Horse Whisperer
Joan Blank works with the physically, mentally and emotionally challenged at her riding center, but it's the horses and dogs that keep her hands full.
04.03.09 | 46m
K-9 Phobia
S5 E9 - K-9 Phobia
Actress Eileen Davidson of The Young and the Restless seeks help with her nippy Wheaten terrier.
03.20.09 | 45m
Chihuahuas from Hell
S5 E8 - Chihuahuas from Hell
Cesar heads to Portland to tackle one of his toughest cases yet - a vicious Chihuahua named El Diablo.
01.30.09 | 46m
Night Terrors
S5 E7 - Night Terrors
A basset hound Sadie is afraid of her owner's husband and a blue heeler mix Calder has some unique bedtime rituals.
01.23.09 | 46m
Born to Be Wild
S5 E6 - Born to Be Wild
Roscoe refuses to go outside the family's property and has several fear issues. Can Cesar teach Roscoe to overcome his fears and go on a walk?
01.16.09 | 46m
Nail in the Coughin'
S5 E5 - Nail in the Coughin'
When Allison moved to Los Angeles, her Chihuahua mix Stanley developed aggressive behavior. Will Cesar be able to help Stanley develop a sunny demeanor?
01.09.09 | 46m
Secrets and Lies
S5 E4 - Secrets and Lies
Problems come in all sizes, and in this episode, Cesar takes on a massive Great Dane and a little Lhasa apso.
01.02.09 | 45m
Terrible Tobi
S5 E3 - Terrible Tobi
Dog Psychology Center.
12.29.08 | 45m
Pop Star Fallout
S5 E2 - Pop Star Fallout
Cesar helps Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's English bulldog.
12.28.08 | 46m
Cesar Goes to Vegas
S5 E1 - Cesar Goes to Vegas
Cesar heads to Las Vegas to help three Cirque du Soleil performers with their problem pooches.
12.05.08 | 46m