season 6

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

The Gladiator
S6 E15 - The Gladiator
A wheaten terrier mix is too attached to her owner.
04.30.10 | 46m
Stuck in the Mirror
S6 E14 - Stuck in the Mirror
A koolie is terrified of dog toys; a shar-pei mix.
04.23.10 | 46m
Caged Heat
S6 E13 - Caged Heat
Twin actresses share a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix that bites when he is set on his bed or when he is moved while he is sleeping.
04.16.10 | 46m
Desperate Housedogs
S6 E12 - Desperate Housedogs
Five households on a cul-de-sac have dogs that are out of control, and the pets get into fights and terrorize children as they roam the area.
04.09.10 | 46m
A Dog and His Boy; Mobile Vet
S6 E11 - A Dog and His Boy; Mobile Vet
Cesar helps a vet friend with some of his patients.
03.12.10 | 46m
Most Aggressive Breeds
S6 E10 - Most Aggressive Breeds
Cesar dispels myths of aggression in misunderstood breeds.
03.05.10 | 46m
Family Feud
S6 E9 - Family Feud
Two Chihuahuas who fight whenever they are in the same room.
01.15.10 | 46m
Cesar in Oz
S6 E8 - Cesar in Oz
Cesar heads down under to help a Weimaraner with his aggression towards the posties, Australia's mail carriers.
01.08.10 | 46m
Cesar Down Under
S6 E7 - Cesar Down Under
A great Dane bites her owner; a mouthy French mastiff.
12.28.09 | 46m
Mission: Control
S6 E6 - Mission: Control
Two German Shepherds do well together at home but fight each other mercilessly at day care.
11.13.09 | 46m
The Hairy Houdini
S6 E5 - The Hairy Houdini
"Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels is afraid her Greyhound mix Seven will get hurt because he terrorizes her horse, Buzz.
11.06.09 | 46m
Hardy - Attacked with Love
S6 E4 - Hardy - Attacked with Love
A French bulldog that is the star attraction at his owner's hair salon has a change of heart after his second birthday and starts snapping at customers, and Cesar is invited to help figure out why his attitude changed so drastically.
10.30.09 | 46m
Blood Brothers
S6 E3 - Blood Brothers
A Pekingese who refuses to eat or drink.
10.23.09 | 46m
Attacking Cujo
S6 E2 - Attacking Cujo
An aggressive lab-mastiff mix.
10.16.09 | 46m
How to Raise the Perfect Dog
S6 E1 - How to Raise the Perfect Dog
Cesar adopts four puppies and films them living with him and his pack.
10.09.09 | 46m