season 7

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

Killer in the Window
S7 E15 - Killer in the Window
A shelter dog became a godsend after his owner's car accident, but now that he has turned aggressive toward strangers he's no longer a blessing; a Border collie mix from a Taiwan shelter is unduly attached to his living-room chair.
02.04.11 | 46m
Closet Cases
S7 E14 - Closet Cases
A couple acquires a Yorkie to correct their Maltese and then gets a second Yorkie to straighten out the others; a poodle is terrified of screen doors; a playful Weimaraner nips at his owners' hands as they load the dishwasher.
01.28.11 | 46m
Rockin' the Boat
S7 E13 - Rockin' the Boat
Roxanne can't control her South African Boerboel named Mufasa around other dogs, which is a problem when she takes the dog to the marina where her boat is docked.
01.21.11 | 46m
Warrior Dog
S7 E12 - Warrior Dog
A dogo Argentino with canine aggression; terrier/corgi mix.
01.14.11 | 46m
K-9 Behind Bars
S7 E11 - K-9 Behind Bars
A K-9 detection dog with a skittish nature.
01.07.11 | 46m
No Man's Land
S7 E10 - No Man's Land
A couple's two dogs fight constantly; poodle mix.
12.27.10 | 46m
Beach Blues
S7 E9 - Beach Blues
A Manchester Terrier that was a girl's 10th-birthday present is charming at first, but he turns into a biter, snapping at family members, bicyclists, skateboarders, guests and even his loving owner; Cesar tracks down the source of the aggression.
12.10.10 | 46m
Not-So-Sweet Snickers
S7 E8 - Not-So-Sweet Snickers
An Australian Shepherd behaves aggressively.
12.03.10 | 46m
Shadow Dogs
S7 E7 - Shadow Dogs
German shepherd pups with a shadowy obedience track records.
11.19.10 | 46m
Cesar, We Have a Problem
S7 E6 - Cesar, We Have a Problem
Danny Richards and his wife Andy own Mongo, a pit mix. Danny rescued Mongo about six years ago, but he has since developed a severe and potentially life threatening separation anxiety.
11.12.10 | 46m
Honeymoon Hell
S7 E5 - Honeymoon Hell
Actress Rhona Mitra's bulldog's violent tendencies.
11.05.10 | 46m
Wolf-Dogs - Out of the Wild
S7 E4 - Wolf-Dogs - Out of the Wild
Cesar has reversed many a domestic doggy dilemma, but now it's time to find out if his famous techniques will hold up in the wild.
10.29.10 | 46m
Grizzly Dogs
S7 E3 - Grizzly Dogs
Cesar helps Casey Anderson with his wife's dogs.
10.22.10 | 46m
Gotti's Honor
S7 E2 - Gotti's Honor
A border collie/greyhound mix with an aversion to dogs.
10.15.10 | 46m
Howie Mandel's Big Deal
S7 E1 - Howie Mandel's Big Deal
Howie Mandel's chihuahua behaves aggressively.
10.08.10 | 46m