season 8

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

Hounds From Hell
S8 E10 - Hounds From Hell
Cesar helps out owners of rescue dogs, including a Terrier.
03.03.12 | 45m
Pack Leaders in Training
S8 E9 - Pack Leaders in Training
Cesar trains two young fans in his methods.
02.25.12 | 45m
High Anxiety
S8 E8 - High Anxiety
Obsessive dogs bring new challenges to Cesar.
02.18.12 | 45m
Home-Wrecking Hounds
S8 E7 - Home-Wrecking Hounds
A newlywed couple's dogs don't let them get close.
02.11.12 | 45m
Hounded by Fear
S8 E6 - Hounded by Fear
Cesar brushes up on his people skills while helping dog-fearing humans overcome their phobias and showing them how to alleviate their anxiety around dogs.
02.04.12 | 45m
Homeboys and Hounds
S8 E5 - Homeboys and Hounds
Cesar helps former gang members through Homeboy Industries.
01.28.12 | 45m
Army Brats
S8 E4 - Army Brats
Cesar helps a military dog that's scared of men in uniform.
01.21.12 | 45m
Mascot Mayhem
S8 E3 - Mascot Mayhem
Cesar trains a dog to be the mascot of a pet friendly cafe.
01.14.12 | 45m
Why Dogs Fight
S8 E2 - Why Dogs Fight
Dogs communicate through energy and body language.
01.07.12 | 45m
S8 E1 - Bull-Whipped
Aggressive bulldog Hugo is sent to canine rehab.
01.07.12 | 45m