season 9

Expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues.

Cesar's Worst Bite
S9 E12 - Cesar's Worst Bite
A dog displays severe food aggression.
09.15.12 | 45m
Hollywood Hounds
S9 E11 - Hollywood Hounds
Kelsey Grammer's dogs are not housebroken.
09.08.12 | 45m
Daytona Dogs
S9 E10 - Daytona Dogs
NASCAR drivers and their dogs meet Cesar.
09.01.12 | 45m
Fear Factor
S9 E9 - Fear Factor
Cesar helps dogs overcome their fears.
08.25.12 | 45m
Bad Dogs of Comedy
S9 E8 - Bad Dogs of Comedy
Stand-up comics having dog problems include Paul Rodriguez.
08.18.12 | 45m
Anger Management
S9 E6 - Anger Management
A rocker's pit bull is aggressive toward other dogs.
08.04.12 | 45m
Battle of Britain
S9 E4 - Battle of Britain
Cesar's English adventure ends with an aggressive klee kai.
07.21.12 | 45m
Cesar Conquers London
S9 E3 - Cesar Conquers London
07.14.12 | 45m
London Calling!
S9 E2 - London Calling!
British problem dogs including wild German Shepherds.
07.07.12 | 45m
Horrible Hounds of the UK
S9 E1 - Horrible Hounds of the UK
Cesar visits the U.K.; a territorial street dog.
07.07.12 | 45m