season 2

People stockpile food, water, weapons and whatever else may be necessary for life after doomsday.

S2 E17 - Gonna Be A Big Bang
Kevin and his family move to Costa Rica; economic collapse.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E16 - Let Her Rip
Fear of a world war; fear of a terrorist attack.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E15 - A Fortress at Sea
In the shadow of Mount St. Helens; sailboat bunker.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E14 - Pain Is Good
A man fears the economy's collapse; a man fears tsunamis.
02.19.2013 | 45m
S2 E13 - Solutions Not Problems
Converting a decommissioned missile silo.
02.12.2013 | 45m
S2 E12 - Hit The Ground Running
Frank and wife Elaine prepare for economic collapse.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E11 - Prepper's Paradise
A woman begins prepping following a dream.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E9 - In the Hurt Locker
Preppers who create a community of like-minded individuals.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E9 - No Such Thing As a Fair Fight
Prepping for an electromagnetic pulse and a solar flare.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E8 - Prepared Not Scared
Brian Smith prepares for a collapse of the monetary system.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E7 - Escape from New York
New York City hurricane; nuclear power plant meltdown.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E6 - You've Got Chaos
Massive earthquake; global financial crisis.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E5 - Taking from the Haves
Yellowstone volcano; aquaponic systems; inventor's estate.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E4 - The Time of Reckoning
A man prepares for a terrorist attack using a dirty bomb.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E3 - Bad Times All The Time
Prepping for economic crisis, earthquake and World War III.
04.17.2020 | 45m
S2 E2 - You Can't Let Evil Win
People who prep for power plants attack and F-5 tornados.
04.17.2020 | 44m
S2 E1 - Am I Nuts or Are You?
A 15-year-old prepper; racer preps for a biological attack.
04.17.2020 | 45m