season 1

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

S1 E6 - Kink-achoo!
A wellness exam for a marmoset; a bunny with a large growth.
11.08.14 | 44m
Pot-Bellied Pig Out
S1 E5 - Pot-Bellied Pig Out
A guinea pig having a seizure; a ferret's electrical burn.
11.01.14 | 44m
Leave it to Lemur
S1 E4 - Leave it to Lemur
Dr. Thielen receives an emergency call regarding a lemur.
10.25.14 | 44m
Into the Fox Hole
S1 E3 - Into the Fox Hole
Exotic animals in grave danger.
10.18.14 | 44m
A Bad Case of Rotten Eggs
S1 E2 - A Bad Case of Rotten Eggs
A hedgehog, a corn snake and an egg-bound sulcata tortoise.
10.11.14 | 44m
Bunny Nose Job
S1 E1 - Bunny Nose Job
A veterinary conference; Dr. Thielen is on her own.
10.04.14 | 44m