season 2

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

Major Hissing Fit
S2 E8 - Major Hissing Fit
Dr. K and her staff have many difficult cases this week.
11.21.15 | 44m
H2O No!
S2 E7 - H2O No!
Dr. K attempts to solve mobility issues for two goldfish.
11.14.15 | 44m
Let Me Clear My Goat
S2 E6 - Let Me Clear My Goat
Dr. K rushes to treat a pet goat that has kidney stones.
11.07.15 | 44m
One Fat Parakeet
S2 E5 - One Fat Parakeet
A bleeding cockatiel comes into the clinic.
10.31.15 | 37m
Sticky Pixie and Trixie Too!
S2 E4 - Sticky Pixie and Trixie Too!
Tensions run high when critical patients visit the clinic.
10.24.15 | 44m
S2 E3 - Turtle-Necked
A sulcata tortoise with a mass on its neck; an emergency.
10.17.15 | 44m
Chinchillin' Like a Villain
S2 E2 - Chinchillin' Like a Villain
A hedgehog suffers a broken leg after being attacked.
10.10.15 | 44m
Sir Lynx-a-Lot
S2 E1 - Sir Lynx-a-Lot
A Eurasian lynx with a hairball; a ball python.
10.03.15 | 44m