season 3

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

Lizard of Oz
S3 E8 - Lizard of Oz
Helping a very bloated, 8-year-old dwarf rabbit named Pixel.
07.09.16 | 44m
S3 E7 - Gator-aid
A 35-year-old Amazon parrot has a growth on his leg.
07.02.16 | 44m
Serious Monkey Business
S3 E6 - Serious Monkey Business
Dr. K treats a marmoset that is not acting quite herself.
06.25.16 | 44m
Snake, Rattle & Roll
S3 E5 - Snake, Rattle & Roll
A rare albino ball python with a respiratory infection.
06.18.16 | 44m
Operation Skunk
S3 E4 - Operation Skunk
Dr. K treats two injured parrots and an emaciated ferret.
06.11.16 | 44m
The Tortoise and the Dog
S3 E3 - The Tortoise and the Dog
A monkey, guinea pig and a tortoise attacked by a dog.
06.04.16 | 44m
Wibbly Wobbly Hedgehog
S3 E2 - Wibbly Wobbly Hedgehog
A lethargic rabbit, anemic hawk and a wobbly hedgehog.
05.28.16 | 44m
Sumo Dragon
S3 E1 - Sumo Dragon
Treating a macaw that nearly bled to death weeks earlier.
05.21.16 | 44m