season 4

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

Frenemy Freak Outs!
S4 E10 - Frenemy Freak Outs!
The busy clinic assists pets who have been in a fight.
06.24.17 | 44m
Jelly Bellies
S4 E9 - Jelly Bellies
Chubby pets need to lose weight or risk death.
06.17.17 | 44m
Prairie Dog Companion
S4 E8 - Prairie Dog Companion
A prairie dog has an examination after he loses teeth.
06.10.17 | 44m
Pain in the Beak
S4 E7 - Pain in the Beak
Dr. T and Dyanne visit a nature center to examine a peacock.
06.03.17 | 44m
Hubble Trouble
S4 E6 - Hubble Trouble
A family dog attacks Hubble, a crested gecko.
05.27.17 | 44m
Return of the Dragon
S4 E5 - Return of the Dragon
A macaw with a broken wing; a bearded dragon emergency.
05.20.17 | 44m
Gettin' Squirrely
S4 E4 - Gettin' Squirrely
A beloved squirrel travels hundreds of miles to see Dr. K.
05.09.17 | 44m
S4 E3 - Eye-Eye-Ay!
A lemur, a rabbit and a koi fish come to the clinic.
05.06.17 | 44m
One Funky Monkey
S4 E2 - One Funky Monkey
An owl monkey, opossum and coyote come to the clinic.
04.29.17 | 44m
Baby Kangaroo Alert!
S4 E1 - Baby Kangaroo Alert!
A desert tortoise needs life-saving surgery.
04.22.17 | 44m