season 5

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

Call of Doodie!
S5 E10 - Call of Doodie!
A tiny tortoise loses a fight with a pit bull puppy.
05.20.18 | 44m
Ferret Freak Out!
S5 E9 - Ferret Freak Out!
A binge-eating pig learns that what goes down, must come up.
05.14.18 | 44m
A Perfect Storm
S5 E8 - A Perfect Storm
Dr. K performs surgery on a tortoise crushed by a car.
05.07.18 | 44m
My Ferret Ate What?
S5 E7 - My Ferret Ate What?
Pigeon with a mystery mass; foreign object inside a ferret.
04.30.18 | 44m
Great Eggspectations
S5 E6 - Great Eggspectations
Unusual cases prove to be difficult to solve.
04.23.18 | 44m
Pig Improvement
S5 E5 - Pig Improvement
The clinic contends with two emergencies and two surgeries.
04.16.18 | 44m
A Magic Rabbit Act
S5 E4 - A Magic Rabbit Act
The doctors have their hands full with emergency cases.
04.09.18 | 44m
S5 E3 - Cock-a-doodle-don't
Dr. T's bunny suffers a life-threatening illness.
04.01.18 | 44m
Sushi Eating Squirrel Monkey
S5 E2 - Sushi Eating Squirrel Monkey
The staff treats a sushi-eating squirrel monkey.
03.26.18 | 44m
Two Heads Are Better Than One
S5 E1 - Two Heads Are Better Than One
A client brings in a baby snake with two heads.
03.19.18 | 44m