season 6

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

A Reptile Dysfunction!
S6 E10 - A Reptile Dysfunction!
A lemur arrives at the clinic barely breathing; an eyelift.
11.11.18 | 44m
How Venus Got Her Groove Back
S6 E9 - How Venus Got Her Groove Back
A turtle hit by a car and a dehydrated pig.
11.04.18 | 44m
Eggs-treme Measures
S6 E8 - Eggs-treme Measures
A baby chicken is missing a wing after an attack.
10.28.18 | 44m
Bunny Royale
S6 E7 - Bunny Royale
A bunny is rushed in after an attack; a pig eats rat poison.
10.21.18 | 44m
Silly Rabbit...
S6 E6 - Silly Rabbit...
The clinic fills up with cases; a sugar glider isn't eating.
10.14.18 | 44m
S6 E5 - Rat-Boot-Touille
A hedgehog gives Dr. T the silent treatment.
10.07.18 | 44m
A Prickly Problem
S6 E4 - A Prickly Problem
A guinea pig may need to have its foot amputated.
09.30.18 | 44m
Mighty Mouse
S6 E3 - Mighty Mouse
The team hosts a gender reveal party for a tortoise.
09.23.18 | 44m
All's Quail That Ends Well
S6 E2 - All's Quail That Ends Well
Dr. K wrestles a pig and handles an aggressive squirrel.
09.16.18 | 44m
Hide n' Snake
S6 E1 - Hide n' Snake
Dr. K and company try to keep control of crazy critters.
09.09.18 | 44m