season 7

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

Kinkajou On This!
S7 E12 - Kinkajou On This!
The staff gives a bittersweet farewell to a colleague.
05.12.19 | 44m
This Little Piggy...
S7 E11 - This Little Piggy...
Adeline, a potbellied pig, has a sudden seizure.
05.05.19 | 44m
Easter Bunny Surprise
S7 E10 - Easter Bunny Surprise
Lucy the bunny comes in for a growth on her chin, but Dr. K discovers a bigger problem.
04.28.19 | 44m
Eye Caramba!
S7 E9 - Eye Caramba!
A baby rabbit has a large mass in his stomach.
04.21.19 | 44m
Thinking Outside the Fox
S7 E8 - Thinking Outside the Fox
A cockatiel's checkup turns out to be anything but routine.
04.14.19 | 44m
Toothless and Ruthless
S7 E7 - Toothless and Ruthless
The doctors keep busy; a young snake stops laying eggs.
04.07.19 | 44m
Skateboarding Tortoise
S7 E6 - Skateboarding Tortoise
The team works to discover why a rabbit is wobbly after getting her head stuck in a cage.
03.31.19 | 44m
S7 E5 - Cocka-tude!
A feather-plucking cockatoo has an attitude.
03.24.19 | 44m
Swan Voyage
S7 E4 - Swan Voyage
A bearded dragon suffers a peculiar illness.
03.17.19 | 44m
What the Duck?
S7 E3 - What the Duck?
A prairie dog has a life-threatening infection.
03.10.19 | 44m
Stinkin’ Cute
S7 E2 - Stinkin’ Cute
Dr. K treats Buddy, a baby skunk with a bloated belly.
03.03.19 | 44m
Monkey See, Monkey Boo-Boo
S7 E1 - Monkey See, Monkey Boo-Boo
Dr. K helps a dwarf hamster who is having trouble breathing.
02.24.19 | 44m