season 8

Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a variety of unusual exotic animals.

A Mite-y Big Problem
S8 E6 - A Mite-y Big Problem
Two baby tortoises have their first visit to the doctor.
10.06.19 | 44m
Snake Me Home Tonight
S8 E5 - Snake Me Home Tonight
A potbellied pig throws a temper tantrum.
09.29.19 | 44m
No Harm No Foul
S8 E4 - No Harm No Foul
A chicken with a severe neck wound needs emergency care.
09.22.19 | 44m
Monkey Do, Monkey Don’t
S8 E3 - Monkey Do, Monkey Don’t
A tamarin is injured playing with the family dog.
09.15.19 | 44m
Some Bunny to Love
S8 E2 - Some Bunny to Love
Gender-reveal party for a young marmoset.
09.09.19 | 44m
Pain in the Cheek
S8 E1 - Pain in the Cheek
Princess Peach the hedgehog needs a mini mani-pedi.
09.02.19 | 44m