season 1

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

Winter is Coming
S1 E6 - Winter is Coming
Cold weather brings serious work for vet Michelle Oakley.
05.17.14 | 44m
Oakley Get Your Blow Gun
S1 E5 - Oakley Get Your Blow Gun
Dr. Oakley teaches her daughter how to work with animals.
05.10.14 | 44m
Reindeer Pains
S1 E4 - Reindeer Pains
Dr. Oakley has a full slate of home clinic visits with an angry cat that may have diabetes and a dog with an uncomfortable anal gland problem.
05.03.14 | 44m
Caribou Down
S1 E3 - Caribou Down
During mating season, Dr. Oakley is busier than ever.
04.26.14 | 44m
One Angry Muskox
S1 E2 - One Angry Muskox
Dr. Michelle Oakley gets chased by a muskox.
04.19.14 | 44m
Fly Like an Eagle
S1 E1 - Fly Like an Eagle
Dr. Oakley obtains gifts in the form of great opportunities.
04.12.14 | 44m