season 2

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

Havoc in the Herd
S2 E10 - Havoc in the Herd
De-worming three bison; the herd threatens to stampede.
01.03.15 | 44m
Moose on the Loose
S2 E9 - Moose on the Loose
Dr. Oakley bonds with her daughters in Anchorage.
12.27.14 | 44m
Bull Steam Ahead
S2 E8 - Bull Steam Ahead
It's the end of the summer in the Yukon and many animals go into rut, but a few on Dr. Oakley’s caseload are slow to start the process.
12.20.14 | 44m
The Missing Lynx
S2 E7 - The Missing Lynx
Performing a risky surgery on a reindeer.
12.13.14 | 44m
Leopards, Wolf Pups & Grizzles, Oh My!
S2 E6 - Leopards, Wolf Pups & Grizzles, Oh My!
Michelle faces her toughest animal call of the year.
12.06.14 | 44m
Here Comes Cari-Boo-Boo
S2 E5 - Here Comes Cari-Boo-Boo
Birds migrating through the Yukon for spring break.
12.06.14 | 44m
A Face Full of Quills
S2 E4 - A Face Full of Quills
A donkey with an attitude; a caribou with an infection.
11.22.14 | 44m
When Coyotes Attack
S2 E3 - When Coyotes Attack
Tragedy strikes when a coyote attacks Willow's goat.
11.15.14 | 44m
Flying Caribou
S2 E2 - Flying Caribou
Helping to save the caribou population in Quebec.
11.08.14 | 44m
Mush Madness
S2 E1 - Mush Madness
Animal patients at the Yukon sled dog race.
11.01.14 | 44m