season 3

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

Cat Out of Hell
S3 E8 - Cat Out of Hell
Dr. Oakley helps a Himalayan yak and a hairless cat.
05.14.16 | 44m
Warts and All
S3 E7 - Warts and All
Dr. Oakley helps pets awaiting lifesaving surgeries.
05.07.16 | 44m
Midnight Madness
S3 E6 - Midnight Madness
Dr. Oakley gives eight sled dog puppies their first exam.
04.30.16 | 44m
Got Moose Juice?
S3 E5 - Got Moose Juice?
Dr. Oakley treats a moose with life-threatening indigestion.
04.23.16 | 44m
Baby Boom
S3 E4 - Baby Boom
Delivering a calf, puppies, and treating a pregnant goat.
03.01.16 | 44m
Taming of the Wolverine
S3 E3 - Taming of the Wolverine
Dr. Michelle Oakley takes on a ferocious wolverine.
02.23.16 | 44m
Steer Clear
S3 E2 - Steer Clear
Dr. Michelle Oakley has a tough day at the clinic.
02.16.16 | 44m
Yak Attack
S3 E1 - Yak Attack
Dr. Oakley treats a 300 pound yak and a golden eagle.
02.09.16 | 44m