season 4

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

Bear Brawl
S4 E8 - Bear Brawl
Dr. Oakley travels to a bear sanctuary; brother bears brawl.
11.19.16 | 44m
When Cows Fight Back
S4 E6 - When Cows Fight Back
Routine calf castration surgery turns dangerous.
11.05.16 | 44m
No Bull
S4 E5 - No Bull
Dr. Oakley tackles the American bison inbreeding problem.
10.29.16 | 44m
When Horses Fly
S4 E4 - When Horses Fly
Dr. Oakley chases some of the Yukon's toughest wild horses.
10.22.16 | 44m
Raging Bison
S4 E3 - Raging Bison
Examining two wood bison before releasing them to the wild.
10.15.16 | 44m
Poking the Bear
S4 E2 - Poking the Bear
Examining two black bears during a dangerous relocation.
10.08.16 | 44m
One Mad Mama
S4 E1 - One Mad Mama
Dr. Oakley runs after sheep; reunites with dog.
10.01.16 | 44m