season 5

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

Mush! Mush!
S5 E11 - Mush! Mush!
Dr. Oakley pays a visit to various Alaskan pooches.
12.16.17 | 44m
Whoa, Baby!
S5 E10 - Whoa, Baby!
Dr. Oakley tends to baby-related needs in Alaska.
12.09.17 | 44m
Reindeer Rodeo
S5 E9 - Reindeer Rodeo
Visiting a reindeer herd; a moose has a giant belly.
12.02.17 | 44m
Wily Coyote
S5 E8 - Wily Coyote
Dr. Oakley is shocked by an elusive coyote.
11.25.17 | 44m
Hump Day
S5 E7 - Hump Day
Dr. Michelle Oakley holds her ground against two unpredictable squealing boars.
11.18.17 | 44m
License to Quill
S5 E6 - License to Quill
Harper the dog needs Dr. Oakley's expertise.
11.11.17 | 44m
Bovine Intervention
S5 E5 - Bovine Intervention
A calf banding turns into a wild cow chase.
11.04.17 | 44m
Bear Trapped
S5 E4 - Bear Trapped
Dr. Oakley waits for a hungry bear; a reindeer needs help.
10.28.17 | 44m
Wild Wild Wolverine
S5 E3 - Wild Wild Wolverine
Dr. Oakley traps a wolverine to learn about the species.
10.21.17 | 44m
The Boar Ultimatum
S5 E2 - The Boar Ultimatum
Dr. Oakley goes on an airborne mission to track a boar.
10.14.17 | 44m
Alaska Calling
S5 E1 - Alaska Calling
Dr. Oakley helps various animals through the seasons.
10.14.17 | 44m