season 6

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

S7 E7 - The Stricken Chicken
Dr. Oakley sees two stubborn muskoxen, a particularly wily coyote and a badly burned dog.
11.09.19 | 44m
S7 E6 - One Clever Bison
Dr. Oakley hits the road to treat a stubborn bison.
11.02.19 | 44m
S7 E5 - Don't Poke a Sleeping Porcupine
A young reindeer needs help to get into fighting shape.
10.26.19 | 44m
S7 E4 - No Horsing Around
A horse's nosebleed urges Dr. Oakley to sniff out the cause.
10.19.19 | 44m
S7 E3 - Bears on a Plane
Two bear cubs embark on a long journey to a new home.
10.12.19 | 44m
S7 E2 - Foal's Gold
Dr. Oakley checks three mares for pregnancy.
10.05.19 | 44m
S7 E1 - Blazing Bison
A cat's bladder problem puts Dr. Oakley in a tricky spot.
09.28.19 | 44m