season 6

Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth.

Muskox in Arms
S6 E8 - Muskox in Arms
Dr. Oakley checks out a baby muskox; the crew herds horses.
11.25.18 | 44m
Up to the Tusk
S6 E7 - Up to the Tusk
The future of a reindeer herd is in Dr. Oakley's hands.
11.18.18 | 44m
Swedish Bears
S6 E6 - Swedish Bears
Dr. Oakley travels to Sweden to learn about bears.
11.11.18 | 44m
Wild Cow Chase
S6 E5 - Wild Cow Chase
Dr. Oakley's wild cow chase; Sierra's Yukon chops.
11.04.18 | 44m
Mother Mayhem
S6 E4 - Mother Mayhem
Dr. Oakley races to find the cause of a mystery wound.
10.27.18 | 44m
Dances with Ibexes
S6 E3 - Dances with Ibexes
Unresponsive dog; tracking ibex in France.
10.21.18 | 44m
Bison Business
S6 E2 - Bison Business
Dr. Oakley races the clock wrangling bison.
10.14.18 | 44m
The Riddle of the Lynx
S6 E1 - The Riddle of the Lynx
An emergency cesarean section keeps Dr. Oakley up all night.
10.07.18 | 44m