season 1

Drain the Oceans dives deep into the unknown. A truly original series that takes underwater adventure and earth science illustration into a whole new era

Malaysia Airlines 370
S1 E11 - Malaysia Airlines 370
The long and costly search for missing flight MH370.
07.31.18 | 47m
Ultimate Battleships
S1 E9 - Ultimate Battleships
WWI weapons are revealed by draining the North Sea.
07.24.18 | 47m
Mysteries of the China Seas
S1 E8 - Mysteries of the China Seas
The China seas are the most fiercely contested and mysterious waters on the planet.
07.17.18 | 47m
Egypt's Lost Wonders
S1 E7 - Egypt's Lost Wonders
Draining the Nile reveals secrets of the ancient world.
07.10.18 | 47m
Deadly Pacific
S1 E6 - Deadly Pacific
Volcanoes and earthquakes form in the Ring of Fire.
07.03.18 | 47m
Legends of Atlantis
S1 E5 - Legends of Atlantis
Draining the oceans may show evidence of underwater cities.
06.26.18 | 47m
Sunken Treasures
S1 E4 - Sunken Treasures
Draining the oceans reveals sunken treasures.
06.18.18 | 47m
Lost Worlds of the Mediterranean
S1 E3 - Lost Worlds of the Mediterranean
Lost civilizations come to light in the Mediterranean.
06.11.18 | 47m
Gulf of Mexico
S1 E2 - Gulf of Mexico
Draining the ocean reveals the Gulf of Mexico's secrets.
06.04.18 | 47m
Nazi Secrets
S1 E1 - Nazi Secrets
Nazi secrets are revealed when the oceans are drained.
05.28.18 | 46m