season 11

People and wildlife around the world.

S11 E13 - Inside the Bear's Den
A bear's den; Iceland's giants; new Nasca lines.
02.12.19 | 44m
S11 E12 - Race Car Science
NASCAR; human sacrifice; DNA testing; probiotics.
02.11.19 | 44m
S11 E11 - Ancient Fighting Arts
Ancient martial arts; tornadoes; Cambodia; talking whales.
02.04.19 | 44m
S11 E10 - Lions of Zambia
Lions; earthquakes; designer dogs; Sen. Cory Booker.
01.29.19 | 44m
S11 E9 - Yellowstone Wolves
An invasive species; rehab facilities; whales; wolves.
01.28.19 | 44m
S11 E8 - Swimming with Sharks
Super recognizers; ancient mummies; whale sharks; Fukushima.
01.14.19 | 44m
S11 E7 - Human Towers
Castellers; grizzly bears; marijuana businesses.
01.07.19 | 44m
S11 E6 - The Boiling River
A boiling river; the attack on U.S. embassy workers in Cuba.
12.17.18 | 44m
S11 E5 - Space Race
The Paranal Observatory; Flat Earth movement; hibernation.
12.10.18 | 44m
S11 E4 - Border Battle
A daily ceremony on the India/Pakistan border; Red Notices.
12.04.18 | 44m
S11 E3 - In the Eagle's Nest
Peanut allergies; Samurai swords; the bald eagle.
11.26.18 | 44m
S11 E2 - Digging Up Dinosaurs
Phil Keoghan heads to Utah to dig for dinosaurs.
11.20.18 | 44m
S11 E1 - The Mouth Of Hell
An active volcano in Nicaragua; solar panels.
11.13.18 | 44m