season 1

Chef Gordon Ramsay embarks on anthropology-through-cuisine expeditions to explore the people, places and flavors the world has to offer.

Alaska’s Panhandle
S1 E6 - Alaska’s Panhandle
Gordon Ramsay journeys to the Alaskan Panhandle.
08.26.19 | 46m
The Mighty Mekong of Laos
S1 E5 - The Mighty Mekong of Laos
Gordon Ramsay travels to Laos, where he cooks a banquet.
08.18.19 | 46m
Hawaii’s Hana Coast
S1 E4 - Hawaii’s Hana Coast
Gordon Ramsay explores the secrets of Hawaiian cuisine.
08.11.19 | 46m
The Mountains of Morocco
S1 E3 - The Mountains of Morocco
Gordon Ramsay probes the secrets of the Berber cuisine.
08.04.19 | 46m
New Zealand’s Rugged South
S1 E2 - New Zealand’s Rugged South
Gordon Ramsay explores the secrets of Maori cuisine.
07.29.19 | 46m
S1 E1 - Peru's Sacred Valley
Unlocking the secrets of high altitude cuisine in Peru.
07.21.19 | 47m