season 2

Nazi diehard and fanatics fight to the last man to stop Allied forces from freeing Europe.

Defend the Rhine
S2 E6 - Defend the Rhine
The race for a bridge could change the course of the war.
08.05.19 | 44m
Island of Fire
S2 E5 - Island of Fire
Allied Commandos carry out an assault on Walcheren Island.
07.30.19 | 44m
Nazi Kill Zone
S2 E4 - Nazi Kill Zone
Allied forces launch an airborne attack behind Nazi lines.
07.23.19 | 44m
Deadly Defiance
S2 E3 - Deadly Defiance
Americans fight to oust Nazi forces and liberate France.
06.17.19 | 44m
Nazis Strike Back
S2 E2 - Nazis Strike Back
Adolf Hitler launches a massive surprise offensive.
06.11.19 | 44m
Lost Battalion
S2 E1 - Lost Battalion
An American regiment is surrounded by Nazi forces.
06.03.19 | 44m