season 1

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Hell and High Water
S1 E10 - Hell and High Water
Erik rents out his property to fellow hunters and guides.
07.21.13 | 44m
The Chase
S1 E9 - The Chase
Chip and Agnes try to hunt down a wolf for fur.
07.14.13 | 44m
S1 E8 - Checkmate
Andy battles dangerous snowdrifts; Chip and Agnes find prey.
07.07.13 | 44m
Cold, Dark and Alone
S1 E7 - Cold, Dark and Alone
Challenges can be life threatening or just plain bothersome.
06.30.13 | 45m
There Be Monsters
S1 E6 - There Be Monsters
Kate joins Andy for a challenging day of collecting lumber.
06.23.13 | 45m
Blood, Sweat and Fear
S1 E5 - Blood, Sweat and Fear
A winter storm threatens Sue's fuel supply; a thieving wolf.
06.16.13 | 45m
Wolf At The Door
S1 E4 - Wolf At The Door
Mechanical breakdowns and invading predators.
06.09.13 | 45m
Winter's Edge
S1 E3 - Winter's Edge
Six Alaskans must prepare for the upcoming winter months.
06.02.13 | 45m
Hunt, Barter and Steal
S1 E2 - Hunt, Barter and Steal
Gathering and managing scarce resources to survive.
05.26.13 | 45m
End of the Road
S1 E1 - End of the Road
The quest for sustenance as winter closes in.
05.19.13 | 45m