season 10

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Close Encounter
S10 E8 - Close Encounter
Alaskans use the last days of warmth to hunt and fish.
02.16.18 | 1h 11m
The Widowmaker
S10 E7 - The Widowmaker
With the freeze drawing near, Alaskans prepare for winter.
02.09.18 | 47m
Heavy Load
S10 E6 - Heavy Load
With summer waning, Alaskans prepare for what lies ahead.
02.02.18 | 47m
The Intruder
S10 E5 - The Intruder
Alaskans hunt for fresh food and gather supplies.
01.26.18 | 47m
To Catch a King
S10 E4 - To Catch a King
Thawed waterways allow Alaskans to harvest key resources.
01.19.18 | 47m
Facing Fears
S10 E3 - Facing Fears
Alaskans use the endless daylight to prepare for winter.
01.12.18 | 47m
New Territory
S10 E2 - New Territory
Daylight for 24-hours allows Alaskans to work nonstop.
01.05.18 | 47m
S10 E1 - Homecoming
As the ice melts, Alaskans take advantage of the warmth.
01.01.18 | 47m