season 12

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Cost of Winter
S12 E8 - Cost of Winter
Ricko heads out on a proxy moose hunt to aid an elder.
02.20.19 | 1h 11m
No One Fights Alone
S12 E7 - No One Fights Alone
Alaskans scramble to secure provisions before winter.
02.13.19 | 47m
Race Against Time
S12 E6 - Race Against Time
Alaskans harvest the last of summer's bounty.
02.06.19 | 47m
Back in the Saddle
S12 E5 - Back in the Saddle
Andy picks up the pieces; Sue searches for food.
01.30.19 | 47m
Highways of the Arctic
S12 E4 - Highways of the Arctic
The Hailstones spend a night on the water.
01.22.19 | 47m
Treading Water
S12 E3 - Treading Water
Sue deals with a flooded runway; Jessie builds a new raft.
01.16.19 | 47m
The Nightmare
S12 E2 - The Nightmare
Ricko and his children face a deadly threat.
01.09.19 | 47m
The Great Changeover
S12 E1 - The Great Changeover
Ricko takes his children on a camping trip.
01.02.19 | 47m