season 2

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Long Road Home
S2 E6 - Long Road Home
Lack of food forces Glenn to embark on a long journey.
12.03.13 | 44m
No Time To Lose
S2 E5 - No Time To Lose
Summer is winding down; preparing for the upcoming winter.
11.26.13 | 44m
Hungry Country
S2 E4 - Hungry Country
Glenn runs low on food and it becomes a big hassle.
11.19.13 | 44m
The Mess of Success
S2 E3 - The Mess of Success
Details to take care of before guests arrive.
11.12.13 | 44m
The Meltdown
S2 E2 - The Meltdown
The melting snow is affecting Sue's camp in Kavik.
11.05.13 | 44m
Hunt or Be Hunted
S2 E1 - Hunt or Be Hunted
The changing season brings new dangers.
10.29.13 | 44m