season 3

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

The Howling
S3 E11 - The Howling
A snowstorm threatens Sue's camp; annual hunting trip.
06.26.14 | 44m
Search and Rescue
S3 E10 - Search and Rescue
Chip is planning to go caribou hunting with his son Jon.
06.19.14 | 44m
Breaking Point
S3 E9 - Breaking Point
Sue begins the journey through the Alaskan tundra.
06.12.14 | 44m
No Mercy
S3 E8 - No Mercy
Sue is heading to Deadhorse to pick up a new vehicle.
06.05.14 | 44m
Return to the Wild
S3 E7 - Return to the Wild
Glenn returns to his remote camp after months away.
05.29.14 | 44m
Thin Ice
S3 E6 - Thin Ice
In Alaska, the warm weather is wreaking havoc.
05.22.14 | 44m
Fire and Ice
S3 E5 - Fire and Ice
Andy and Kate teach subsistence and survival skills.
05.15.14 | 44m
Calling the Wild
S3 E4 - Calling the Wild
Andy and Kate must cut a new trail to the outside world.
05.08.14 | 44m
Dark Times Ahead
S3 E3 - Dark Times Ahead
Chip and Agnes embark on a moose hunt; Erik orders traps.
05.01.14 | 44m
Deadly Grounds
S3 E2 - Deadly Grounds
Erik Salitan hunts a mountain goat on Kodiak Island.
04.24.14 | 44m
Winter's Warning
S3 E1 - Winter's Warning
Follow the struggles of four groups of Alaskans.
04.17.14 | 44m