season 4

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

End of Days
S4 E8 - End of Days
Limited time to hunt enough caribou for the winter.
12.23.14 | 44m
Last Minute Push
S4 E7 - Last Minute Push
The last-minute push to prepare for winter.
12.16.14 | 44m
Sink or Swim
S4 E5 - Sink or Swim
Racing to stock up on food with the freeze approaching.
12.02.14 | 44m
The Harvest
S4 E4 - The Harvest
Sue Aikens is forced to try her hand at fishing.
11.25.14 | 44m
Opportunity Knocks
S4 E3 - Opportunity Knocks
Daughters hunt caribou to survive off the land.
11.18.14 | 44m
The Waiting Game
S4 E2 - The Waiting Game
The challenging wilderness as life returns to Alaska.
11.11.14 | 44m
The Awakening
S4 E1 - The Awakening
Summer is arriving quickly in the remote Arctic of Alaska.
11.04.14 | 44m