season 5

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

S5 E12 - Aftermath
The Alaskans prepare for the coming months as winter ends.
06.25.15 | 44m
The Crash
S5 E11 - The Crash
As winter begins to fade, Alaskans must store supplies.
06.18.15 | 44m
Bent and Broken
S5 E10 - Bent and Broken
Making snares; cutting up the last moose quarter.
06.11.15 | 44m
No Easy Out
S5 E9 - No Easy Out
Hunting and fishing on the river; fabricating snowshoes.
06.04.15 | 44m
Emergency Cache
S5 E8 - Emergency Cache
The Hailstones hide emergency supplies along their routes.
05.28.15 | 44m
Alone in the Dark
S5 E7 - Alone in the Dark
The challenges of dark winter in sub-zero temperatures.
05.21.15 | 44m
Darkness Falls
S5 E6 - Darkness Falls
Resources for a hundred days without sunlight ahead.
05.14.15 | 44m
Ice Highway
S5 E5 - Ice Highway
Chip builds a freight sled; a blizzard traps Sue.
05.07.15 | 44m
The Unknown
S5 E4 - The Unknown
Investigating squatters; collecting firewood.
04.30.15 | 44m
Out of Control
S5 E3 - Out of Control
Preparing for winter; hunting moose; ice fishing; repairs.
04.23.15 | 44m
Armed for Winter
S5 E2 - Armed for Winter
Alaskans prepare themselves for winter; hunting caribou.
04.16.15 | 44m
Ready or Not
S5 E1 - Ready or Not
Fall season means preparation for winter is in full swing.
04.09.15 | 44m