season 6

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Lost in the Wild
S6 E8 - Lost in the Wild
Alaskans get a respite from winter with the end of the thaw.
01.12.16 | 44m
Under the Gun
S6 E7 - Under the Gun
Alaskans make one last push to prepare for the winter ahead.
01.05.16 | 44m
Divide and Conquer
S6 E6 - Divide and Conquer
Alaskans stockpile resources for the long winter ahead.
12.29.15 | 44m
Predator Control
S6 E5 - Predator Control
Alaskans stock up for the winter months.
12.22.15 | 44m
Red Flag
S6 E4 - Red Flag
Sue gets sidelined by technical issues.
12.15.15 | 44m
Running on Empty
S6 E3 - Running on Empty
Preparation is key, when winter is around the corner.
12.08.15 | 44m
The Bottom Line
S6 E2 - The Bottom Line
An onslaught of prospects leads to unforeseen challenges.
12.01.15 | 44m
The Resurrection
S6 E1 - The Resurrection
Alaskans take advantage warming temperatures.
11.24.15 | 44m