season 7

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Renegades of the Arctic
S7 E26 - Renegades of the Arctic
Erik, Martha and Jessie reveal how they stay alive.
12.27.16 | 44m
Andy Bassich
S7 E25 - Andy Bassich
Andy Bassich lives independently in the Alaskan wilderness.
12.20.16 | 44m
No Shortcuts
S7 E14 - No Shortcuts
There are no shortcuts as they wrap up the winter season.
06.23.16 | 44m
S7 E11 - Loaded
Alaskans encounter roadblocks in struggle for survival.
06.16.16 | 44m
Winter Kill
S7 E10 - Winter Kill
Alaskans pursue scarce resources in anticipation of spring.
06.09.16 | 44m
Trapped and Hunted
S7 E9 - Trapped and Hunted
Alaskans trap and hunt for essential food to survive winter.
06.02.16 | 44m
No Boundaries
S7 E8 - No Boundaries
Alaskans travel far to obtain resources for survival.
05.26.16 | 44m
Ghosts of Winter
S7 E7 - Ghosts of Winter
Alaskans to tackle obstacles to ensure a prosperous winter.
05.19.16 | 44m
S7 E6 - Shakedown
Alaskans struggle through the everyday grind winter looms.
05.12.16 | 44m
Breaking Through
S7 E5 - Breaking Through
Alaskans need to adapt and shift their plans due to unpredictable winter weather.
05.05.16 | 44m
Deadly Tracks
S7 E4 - Deadly Tracks
Alaskans try to secure their livelihoods as freeze begins.
04.28.16 | 44m
Falling Apart
S7 E3 - Falling Apart
Alaskans' preparations for the freeze begin to fall apart.
04.21.16 | 44m
Pride and Power
S7 E2 - Pride and Power
Alaskans work to prepare for the upcoming brutal weather.
04.14.16 | 44m
On the Edge
S7 E1 - On the Edge
Making final preparations for the return of the freeze.
04.07.16 | 44m