season 8

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

Seasons of Change
S8 E9 - Seasons of Change
To survive a year in the Arctic, Alaskans must adapt to the ever-changing seasons.
07.06.17 | 47m
Higher Ground
S8 E8 - Higher Ground
Alaskans maximize their final days of sun in the Arctic.
12.13.16 | 47m
Midnight Sun
S8 E7 - Midnight Sun
Alaskans must ensure they are prepared for extreme cold.
12.06.16 | 47m
The Slow Grind
S8 E6 - The Slow Grind
As summer ends Alaskans take advantage of the long days.
11.29.16 | 47m
Against the Tide
S8 E5 - Against the Tide
Alaskans race to gather resources while battling weather.
11.22.16 | 47m
Head Above Water
S8 E4 - Head Above Water
Alaskans try to stay ahead of the changing landscape.
11.15.16 | 47m
River of Rage
S8 E3 - River of Rage
The spring breakup creates tremendous obstacles.
11.01.16 | 47m
S8 E2 - Blindsided
The Hailstones hunt; Sue Aikens reopens her greenhouse.
10.25.16 | 47m
The Confrontation
S8 E1 - The Confrontation
With seasons changing in the Arctic, Alaskans hunt in the wilderness before the spring breakup fully arrives.
10.18.16 | 47m