season 9

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

False Start
S9 E8 - False Start
In the final days of winter, Alaskans prepare for spring.
08.31.17 | 47m
Shelter from the Storm
S9 E7 - Shelter from the Storm
Alaskans learn new survival skills as winter fades.
08.24.17 | 47m
Winter's Grip
S9 E6 - Winter's Grip
A lack of snowfall in the Arctic makes tasks more difficult.
08.17.17 | 47m
Arctic Super Moon
S9 E5 - Arctic Super Moon
Alaskans scurry to find precious resources.
08.10.17 | 47m
Burn the Midnight Oil
S9 E4 - Burn the Midnight Oil
Alaskans burn the midnight oil to complete necessary tasks.
08.03.17 | 47m
The 11th Hour
S9 E3 - The 11th Hour
Alaskans struggle to survive the brief and dark winter days.
07.27.17 | 47m
Howl of the Wild
S9 E2 - Howl of the Wild
Alaskans race to secure resources for the coming winter.
07.20.17 | 47m
Unfamiliar Territory
S9 E1 - Unfamiliar Territory
Alaskans harvest resources to prepare for a cold winter.
07.13.17 | 47m