season 2

Five Americans have left their mainstream lives behind to survive off the land.

S2 E10 - Slash and Burn
A fire burns out of control; a mule gets out of the corral.
11.17.15 | 44m
S2 E9 - Hell or High Water
Colbert leaves a fishing expedition; Derik fixes his roof.
11.10.15 | 44m
S2 E8 - The Tipping Point
Colbert and Thorn both battle leaks; Tobias needs food.
11.03.15 | 44m
S2 E7 - The Reaping
Failed attempts at catching a rabbit; making crawdad traps.
10.27.15 | 44m
S2 E6 - Sting Like a Bee
Tony and Amelia race to save bees; Colbert works on cabin.
10.20.15 | 44m
S2 E5 - Out for Blood
Colbert tries to escape a plague of mosquitos.
10.13.15 | 44m
S2 E4 - Dead Zone
Turkey hunting; finding water; Derik's mule gets spooked.
10.06.15 | 44m
S2 E3 - Killing Time
Tobias journeys through the Arizona Desert.
09.29.15 | 44m
S2 E2 - Force of Nature
Capturing pelts for trading; building a fishing vessel.
09.22.15 | 44m
S2 E1 - Rising Waters
Colbert begins rebuilding his cabin; Derik's mules.
09.15.15 | 44m