season 3

Five Americans have left their mainstream lives behind to survive off the land.

S3 E8 - Home Stretch
Thorn takes Delia hunting; dealing with unruly pigs.
09.26.16 | 44m
S3 E7 - Bring It Home
Dealing with issues at respective homesteads.
09.19.16 | 44m
S3 E6 - Making Moves
Colbert and Thorn fish; Amelia and Tony construct a turbine.
09.12.16 | 44m
S3 E5 - To The Bone
Matt scrambles to build a shelter on his new land; Colbert travels to get a better price for his pelts so he can afford to pay his property taxes; Tony and Amelia build themselves a hot tub; Thorn takes his daughter on her first hunt.
09.05.16 | 44m
S3 E4 - Race Against Time
Homesteaders preserve meat and find resources to survive.
08.29.16 | 44m
S3 E3 - The Tough Get Going
Re-wilders prepare to survive the coming winter.
08.22.16 | 44m
S3 E2 - The Hunt Is On
Deer season ends, so the re-wilders must find other food.
08.01.16 | 44m
S3 E1 - Call of The Wild
The re-wilders must get creative to survive through winter.
07.25.16 | 44m