season 5

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.

Teenage Drug Smuggler
S5 E9 - Teenage Drug Smuggler
Vivian Carrasquillo agreed to smuggle drugs for cash.
04.30.19 | 45m
Drug Dealer Revenge
S5 E8 - Drug Dealer Revenge
Dealers threatened Robert's family if he didn't smuggle.
04.30.19 | 45m
The Cocaine Trap
S5 E7 - The Cocaine Trap
Stephen Sutton finds himself battling both tuberculosis and hostile inmates as he begins serving an 11-year prison sentence and wondering if he will make it out this nightmare alive.
04.30.19 | 45m
Daredevil Drug Runner
S5 E6 - Daredevil Drug Runner
Martial arts teacher Chris Chance turned to smuggling.
04.30.19 | 45m
Heroin Sting
S5 E5 - Heroin Sting
A man offers Brigene Young a free trip to Mauritius.
04.30.19 | 45m
Mexico Money Machine
S5 E4 - Mexico Money Machine
A man buys illegal drugs in Mexico with counterfeit money.
04.30.19 | 45m
Forbidden Love
S5 E3 - Forbidden Love
British man David Scott meets Cynthia, a Filipino woman, on the internet and a whirlwind romance begins. Cynthia's estranged husband uses the Philippines' adultery laws to have them thrown in jail.
04.30.19 | 44m
The Real Goodfella
S5 E2 - The Real Goodfella
Henry Hill, the inspiration for classic movie 'Goodfellas,' tells the complete true story of his rise and fall in the New York mob and the details of his life not included in Martin Scorsese's film.
04.30.19 | 44m