season 6

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.

Escape from the Gulag
S6 E20 - Escape from the Gulag
In the midst of the Cold War, three Americans agree to smuggle three suitcases full of heroin through Moscow and end up paying a high price in a Russian labor camp.
04.30.19 | 45m
Busted in Bangkok
S6 E19 - Busted in Bangkok
Chicago woman smuggles heroin from Thailand gets caught.
04.30.19 | 45m
Venezuela Hustle
S6 E17 - Venezuela Hustle
Paul agrees to smuggle six kilos of cocaine back to Dublin.
04.30.19 | 45m
The Orchid Hunters
S6 E16 - The Orchid Hunters
Two young British backpackers searching for orchids and adventure are kidnapped as they try to cross from Panama to Colombia via the notoriously dangerous Darien Gap.
08.06.12 | 45m
Chilean Prison Break
S6 E15 - Chilean Prison Break
Tom Hanway fled a Chilean jail with a fellow prisoner.
04.30.19 | 45m
Dangerous Liaisons
S6 E7 - Dangerous Liaisons
British nurse draws ire of Saudi police after gay affairs.
04.30.19 | 45m
Cocaine Mule Mom
S6 E6 - Cocaine Mule Mom
Struggling single mom-of-three agreed to smuggle cocaine.
04.30.19 | 45m