season 7

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.

Hunting Mr. Nice
S7 E10 - Hunting Mr. Nice
When British schoolteacher Howard Marks agrees to help an old friend finish off a drug deal, he has no idea that it will be the start of a new career.
06.12.13 | 44m
Fast, Furious and Busted
S7 E9 - Fast, Furious and Busted
Hot-shot street racer Rick breaks into cars to support his young family but soon he's involved in a criminal gang and the police are on his tail.
06.05.13 | 44m
Vegas Mobster
S7 E8 - Vegas Mobster
Vegas 1979, and Frank Cullotta's 'Hole in the Wall' gang is becoming notorious. The FBI catches up to him and while not exactly 'locked up abroad,' he enters witness protection. Now Frank shares his mob secrets.
05.29.13 | 44m
Hippie Mafia
S7 E7 - Hippie Mafia
An American hippie becomes a cocaine smuggler.
05.22.13 | 44m
Mexican Prison Escape
S7 E6 - Mexican Prison Escape
Two surfers caught smuggling escaped their Mexican jail.
05.15.13 | 44m
The Real Argo
S7 E5 - The Real Argo
Hear the real story behind the Academy Award-winning movie 'Argo' from those who inspired it. Locked Up Abroad sits down with Antonio Mendez, the CIA officer portrayed by Ben Affleck, along with former hostages.
05.05.13 | 44m
Buried Alive
S7 E4 - Buried Alive
American contractor Roy Hallums is kidnapped in Iraq.
05.01.13 | 44m
Raving Arizona
S7 E3 - Raving Arizona
Shaun Attwood left England to be a stockbroker in America. He soon finds himself dealing ecstasy and living the high life. When he angers a mafia boss, he retreats to being a stockbroker, but it proves to be too little too late.
04.24.13 | 44m
Snakes on a Plane
S7 E2 - Snakes on a Plane
Tom Crutchfield smuggled snakes, tarantulas and king cobras around the world. But when the U.S. builds a case against him, Tom escapes to Belize. There, authorities imprison him without electricity or plumbing.
04.17.13 | 44m
Vietnam POWS: McCain & Brace
S7 E1 - Vietnam POWS: McCain & Brace
The story of Vietnam POWs Ernie Brace and John McCain.
04.17.13 | 44m