season 8

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.

Gaddafi's American Prisoner
S8 E7 - Gaddafi's American Prisoner
Matthew VanDyke was captured by Qaddafi's men.
02.15.18 | 44m
Bad Bromance
S8 E6 - Bad Bromance
U.S. Naval Officer Lemar Burton's attempts at survival.
02.08.18 | 47m
Mexican Border Bust
S8 E5 - Mexican Border Bust
Steve Peterson's marijuana operation was going to plan until Mexican cops drove past.
02.01.18 | 47m
Double Crossed in the Desert
S8 E4 - Double Crossed in the Desert
Journalist Phil Cox is taken hostage in Sudan.
01.25.18 | 47m
Narco at Nineteen
S8 E3 - Narco at Nineteen
A drug courier is tricked; a teen moves drugs from Colombia.
01.18.18 | 46m
Escape from Al Qaeda
S8 E2 - Escape from Al Qaeda
Matthew Schrier is kidnapped by the Syrian Al Qaeda.
01.11.18 | 47m
Breaking Bad in Britain
S8 E1 - Breaking Bad in Britain
Drug dealer Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run.
01.04.18 | 47m