season 9

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.

S9 E9 - Panamania
Christina Jocko spirals from party girl to drug addict, but hopes earning $10,000 for smuggling cocaine from Panama will solve all her problems.
02.28.19 | 44m
Indian Hash Bust
S9 E8 - Indian Hash Bust
An Australian lands in jail after joining an Indian ashram.
02.21.19 | 44m
Greek Border Bust
S9 E7 - Greek Border Bust
Guards stop smugglers at the Greek border.
02.14.19 | 44m
Narco Wine Bust
S9 E6 - Narco Wine Bust
Champion skier Nick Brewer sells pills in France.
02.07.19 | 44m
Bangkok Betrayal
S9 E5 - Bangkok Betrayal
A young American dancer is sent to the "Bangkok Hilton."
01.31.19 | 44m
Jungle Crash
S9 E4 - Jungle Crash
Keith Stansell is taken hostage by FARC guerrillas.
01.24.19 | 44m
Peruvian Parent Trap
S9 E3 - Peruvian Parent Trap
A Peruvian story of incarceration and betrayal.
01.17.19 | 44m
Caribbean Coke King
S9 E2 - Caribbean Coke King
Michael begins a new career smuggling cocaine.
01.10.19 | 44m
Mexican Cartel Hell
S9 E1 - Mexican Cartel Hell
A family man is falsely imprisoned in Mexico and tortured.
01.03.19 | 44m