season 3

Australia's Northern Territory wetlands house massive saltwater crocodiles.

Croc Stalker
S3 E8 - Croc Stalker
An aggressive saltwater crocodile sinks a small boat.
01.29.18 | 22m
Jaws Strike Back
S3 E6 - Jaws Strike Back
A 15-foot croc unexpectedly bites the back of Matt Wright's boat, nearly capsizing them into the dangerous waters.
01.22.18 | 22m
Aerial Attack
S3 E5 - Aerial Attack
After an aggressive saltwater crocodile sinks a small boat, Matt Wright and his friends work to relocate the animal to a different area away from humans.
01.22.18 | 22m
The Croc that Ate a Boat
S3 E4 - The Croc that Ate a Boat
A crocodile launches itself into the back of a fishing boat.
01.15.18 | 22m
Appetite for Destruction
S3 E3 - Appetite for Destruction
Matt must figure out how to get a crocodile under control.
01.15.18 | 22m
Croc at the Door
S3 E2 - Croc at the Door
A couple's ranch is near a major crocodile-infested river.
01.08.18 | 22m
To Catch a Giant
S3 E1 - To Catch a Giant
A call arrives regarding a legendary crocodile.
01.08.18 | 22m