season 4

Australia's Northern Territory wetlands house massive saltwater crocodiles.

Don't Rock the Boat
S4 E8 - Don't Rock the Boat
A croc that's been stalking fishing boats needs to be moved.
08.09.19 | 22m
Croc Out of Water
S4 E7 - Croc Out of Water
Separating crocs from cattle in the crowded waterholes.
08.09.19 | 22m
Croc Stakeout
S4 E7 - Croc Stakeout
Matt Wright receives a call for help from a crew that is camping alongside the river at a large cattle ranch.
01.29.18 | 22m
Ranch Rampage
S4 E6 - Ranch Rampage
Matt looks for big crocs at Victoria River Downs Ranch.
08.07.19 | 22m
Croc in the Hole
S4 E5 - Croc in the Hole
A monster croc has been spotted with a cow in its mouth.
08.07.19 | 22m
Castaway Croc
S4 E4 - Castaway Croc
Matt Wright and the team relocate a massive croc.
08.07.19 | 22m
Calamity Croc
S4 E3 - Calamity Croc
A resort calls in the team to ensure the safety of guests.
08.07.19 | 22m
Fly Away Croc
S4 E1 - Fly Away Croc
Remote pearl farm workers are spooked by a large croc.
08.06.19 | 22m