season 1

Follow two of National Geographic's leading explorers as they trek across Planet Earth's majestic and rugged terrain. Together with Coors Light, they are on a mission to awaken the restless spirit in all of us and to inspire a new generation of adventurers. Join geothermal scientist Andrés Ruzo and submarine pilot Erika Bergman on an excursion to discover what lies ahead. Because the only thing more refreshing than your current adventure is what's next.

Undersea to Above the Trees
S1 E6 - Undersea to Above the Trees
National Geographic Explorer Erika Bergman is on a mission to feel connected to all parts of Planet Earth. From the depths of the dark ocean to the treetops of the vast and vibrant jungle, join Erika on her next adventure to Costa Rica.
10.02.18 | 7m
The Power of Exploration
S1 E5 - The Power of Exploration
Seeing the world from different perspectives is what makes us grow as humans. Follow submarine pilot Erika Bergman as she discovers life above the surface in a land teeming with wildlife and endless places to explore.
10.02.18 | 1m
Erika’s Journey to Costa Rica
S1 E4 - Erika’s Journey to Costa Rica
Erika ventures to scale new heights in tropical Costa Rica.
10.02.18 | 1m
From Fire to Ice
S1 E3 - From Fire to Ice
For Nat Geo Explorer Andrés Ruzo, making his mark in Iceland requires venturing far outside the heat of the Amazon to a wild wonderland he's only dreamed about.
10.02.18 | 6m
The Spirit of Exploration
S1 E2 - The Spirit of Exploration
Curiosity is at the core of being human. Join Andrés Ruzo as he taps into his childhood curiosity on his next expedition in Iceland.
10.02.18 | 48s
Andrés Journey to Iceland
S1 E1 - Andrés Journey to Iceland
One of the most active volcanic regions in the world, Iceland offers something new at every turn. Follow explorer and scientist Andrés Ruzo on a thrilling adventure through Iceland's geothermal mecca.
10.02.18 | 1m