season 1

Specials that cover a wide range of topics such as historical figures, events, places, and more.

S1 E20 - Mystery Skeletons of the Sahara
It's a race to save the skeletons of the Sahara.
01.07.19 | 44m
S1 E19 - Lost City of Machu Picchu
An investigation into the people who built Machu Picchu.
01.07.19 | 44m
S1 E18 - 24 Hours of Reality
Hosted by The Climate Reality Project and former Vice President Al Gore, 24 Hours of Reality is a day of eye-opening stories and conversations about the climate crisis and how we solve it.
12.21.18 | 44m
S1 E15 - The Race to Mars
Landing on Mars has been NASA's longtime goal.
11.20.18 | 44m
S1 E14 - JFK: The Lost Assassination Tapes
A detailed timeline of the day the president died.
11.16.18 | 44m
S1 E13 - Narco Bling: Getting Chapo Guzman
Inside the world, escapes, and eventual capture of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, perhaps the world’s most infamous drug kingpin.
11.14.18 | 44m
S1 E12 - Inside Solitary Confinement: Redeemed
Inside a form of punishment affecting thousands of citizens.
11.08.18 | 44m
S1 E11 - Curiosity: Life of a Mars Rover
Archaeologists discover a new tomb containing a body.
11.05.18 | 47m
S1 E10 - Secrets of the Space Station
The elements of life inside the International Space Station.
11.05.18 | 44m
S1 E9 - Egypt's Sun King: Secrets and Treasures
Archaeologists discover a new tomb containing a body.
10.22.18 | 44m
S1 E7 - US Secret Service: On The Front Line
With unrivaled access, National Geographic cameras go behind-the-scenes with the US Secret Service as they protect President Trump at home and abroad.
10.15.18 | 1h 28m
S1 E6 - Revenge on the Nazis
A secret organization of Holocaust survivors plans revenge.
10.08.18 | 44m
S1 E5 - Making A Dictator: Rising Tide
Dictators find their way to power through similar methods.
06.08.18 | 44m
S1 E4 - Bobby Kennedy: After JFK
Bobby Kennedy's rise in politics following JFK's death.
06.05.18 | 44m
S1 E3 - Inside WWII: The People's War
Stories from the frontlines of the world’s bloodiest conflict as told by soldiers and civilians.
04.04.18 | 1h 28m
S1 E2 - Hitler’s Death Camp: The American Prisoners
How American soldiers became slave laborers in a Nazi camp.
03.28.18 | 44m
S1 E1 - After Hitler: The Untold Story
The war displaces millions of people across Europe.
03.27.18 | 44m