season 5

People who push the limits of survival in the remote community of Port Protection in Alaska.

The City Girl
S5 E5 - The City Girl
Urbanite Mary Miller becomes a Port Protection native.
02.06.19 | 44m
The Newcomer
S5 E4 - The Newcomer
Amanda Makar is Port Protection's designated newcomer.
01.30.19 | 44m
The Sourdough
S5 E3 - The Sourdough
Gary Muehlberger is Port Protection's resident Sourdough.
01.22.19 | 43m
The Woodsman
S5 E2 - The Woodsman
Curly Leach is Port Protection's woodsman.
01.16.19 | 44m
Mr. Fix It
S5 E1 - Mr. Fix It
Sam Carlson is Port Protection’s Mr. Fix It. Sam has not only built a life in the bush, but has thrived in engineering ways to save power, catch and store fish for the long winters, and most importantly. help the other residents in the area.
01.09.19 | 44m